Here, I will display the objective numbers, and give you tips on how to complete them.

  1. Buy 7 apples at a time from the shop. (if you have more than 200, sell some then buy 7 more) -10 apples
  2. Post your position in the breeder’s ranking. (go to the rankings tab then click breeder’s. then click display my position) -3 aging points
  3. Participate in 2 competitions with your horses. (any kind will do) -1 energy mash
  4. Reach ___ days of seniority. (just 3 more than you have now) -1 seahorse
  5. Reach 4 years with a horse that you produced. -300 equus
  6. Go riding for at least 4 hours with one of your horses -1 calorific mash
  7. Offer a covering with one of your stallions. (on a male horse’s page, click reproduction then offer a covering) -1 Artemis’ Arrow
  8. Give a lesson with one of your horses. -5 turnips
  9. Sell 20 units of manure at one time to the shop. (to the breeding farm store, not equestrian center store!! NOTE:manure is also called droppings) -100 more units of manure
  10. Congradulate 3 players on their game -Ow congradulates you
  11. Stroke a horse in the Safe Haven (go to the Safe Haven then stroke a horse that pops up) -300 equus
  12. Buy 23 turnips at one time from the shop -10 more turnips
  13. Train for at least 3 hours with one of your horses -2 energy mashes
  14. View the details of one of the top 20 players in the top general ranking. -3 aging points
  15. Participate in 8 competitions with your horses. -300 equus
  16. Find the salt block by putting your horse in the box. -20 apples (unless you already have it)
  17. Be an employee at an equestrian center. -the salary of being an employee (unless you already are)
  18. Finish among the top 4 in a competition with one of your horses. -calorific mashes
  19. Put horses from your breeding farm to bed __ times. (# varies…around the same number as double the number of horses you have) -1 Daphne’s Laurels
  20. Buy a horse at the auction. -300 equus
  21. Name one of your horses Tip. -10 turnips
  22. Put one of your horses in its stall (box) for 10 hours. -4 horseshoes FK
  23. Catch a UFO. -1 MF bridle
  24. Achieve a postitive BLUP with a horse you produced.  (unless you already have) -1 Sea-Horse
  25. Reach __ days of seniority. (6 more than you have now) -1 MK
  26. Reach a breeder reserve of __ equus. (800 more than you have now) -300 more equus.
  27. Sell a horse at the auction (just buy a cheap horse then re-sell it) -3 aging points
  28. Be logged on for 10 days of the past 20 days. -2o apples
  29. Buy a saddle from the shop. -2 energy mashes
  30. Reach __ karma points. (just get one more karma point) -Golden Spurs
  31. Finish among the top 3 in a competition with a horse. -Horn of Plenty
  32. Use the notebook (go to your mailbox and type in a word) -10 turnips
  33. Sell 100 units of manure at the shop. -300 equus
  34. Congradulate 5 players on their game. -1 caloforic mash
  35. Participate in 50 competition with your horses. -3 aging points
  36. Have __ living horses (two more than you have at the moment) -500 equus
  37. Find another friend on the game. -10 apples
  38. Send a message to Ow with ” 🙂 ” as the title. -5 energy mashes
  39. Produce a colt with a mare that has positive BLUP. -1 SeaHorse
  40. Reach ___ days of seniority. (10 more days) -1 made to measure bridle
  41. Put your horses to bed ___ times. (3 times the amount of horses you have) -500 equus
  42. Reach a breeder reserve of ___ equus. (2000e to 4000e above) -20 turnips

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